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Dr. Rory Snepar

Board Certified Surgeon

Dr. Snepar has been a board-certified surgeon since 2017 and has special training in medical aesthetics. His extensive knowledge of the human face and how it ages, coupled with his advanced injection training, years of experience, gentle touch, and aesthetic eye, all work together to draw patients to his practice, while his incredible results keep them coming back.

Avivit Zurkovsky, MD

Board Certified Physician

After medical school, Dr. Zurkovsky completed her residency in pediatrics and became board certified. Her experience and training includes private practice pediatrics, emergency medicine and urgent care where she did multiple bedside procedures. She later expanded her practice to include cosmetic medicine and loves how it can empower women and bring out their natural beauty. Even subtle enhancements can bring about beauty. Dr. Zurkovsky is trained in neurotoxins, fillers and microneedling.

Catherine Badim, DNP, ACNP-BC

Certified Nurse Injector

Cate is a nurse practitioner with a doctoral degree from Rutgers University. She has been working the hospital for 10 years in several critical care units including Surgical-Trama ICU. Taking care of patients is her passion and her number one priority.

Cate found a love for aesthetics after experiencing it herself. Her goal is to give you the personalized confidence boost you deserve by enhancing your natural beauty in inner glow.

She is trained in neurotoxins, fillers, and microneedling – her personal favorite ;).

Jennifer Snepar, BSN

Aesthetic Registered Nurse

Jennifer BSN-RN is a Registered Nurse with 4+ years experience in cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery, and fun fact: labor and delivery!

She provides treatments such as microneedling, PRP, skin care consultations, and neurotoxin injections.

Jennifer has the answers to all your skin care needs at Expert Esthetic!

Samantha Bangs, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Smantha completed her graduate training at Monmouth University in 2019. She has worked as a physician assistant in general surgery at multiple hospitals in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Throughout this time, she has gained experience at first assisting in the operating room and performing a variety of bedside procedures. She prioritizes communication with her patients to help them feel comfortable throughout their time in the hospital.

She has found that aesthetics is a perfect way to combine these passions. At Expert Esthetic, her goal is to simply enhance your natural beauty. She is trained in multiple procedures, including but not limited to neurotoxins and microneedling.

Taylor Santora, NP

Certified Nurse Injector

Hey everyone! My name is Taylor, and I am a board certified Nurse Practitioner. I have been in the hospital setting for 8 years with experience in med/surg, emergency medicine, pediatrics and currently practicing as an Infectious Disease APN.
I have always had an artistic eye with a passion for all things beauty. Fusing the two has led me to aesthetic medicine and it’s a match made in heaven!
I am a certified nurse injector trained in neurotoxins and dermal fillers here a Expert Esthetic.
Make an investment in yourself, let me help you in your self confidence journey and leave you feeling your best!

Heather Cardilla BSN, RNFA

Certified Nurse Injector

My name is Heather, I have been a Registered Nurse in the operating room since 2006 and have been a first assistant in the operating room since 2016. I love my days in the operating room helping the surgeons make our cases go smooth and seamless. I am not taking on Aesthetics because I love the feeling of making people feel beautiful!! Using my skills, I have learned throughout the years that I can help make your skin smooth, seamless and youthful. I am trained in injecting neurotoxins, fillers, microneedling, and PRP.

Rebecca Chiappetta

Operations Manager

Hello everyone I’m Rebecca, I am the Operations Manager here at Expert. I also work in partner with Dr. Snepars surgical practice as a CMA/CNA with 6 years experience, I am also licensed as a Phlebotomist with 7 years of experience as well. After, working in healthcare for many years and having such love and passion for the cosmetic industry I thought why not do both. I hope that you enjoy your experience here with us at Expert Esthetic.

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